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About us.

Established in Berkeley, California, in 2016 under the name "TeaOne" and changed to "RareTea" in 2018, its official registered trademark name. RareTea currently have multiple branches across NorCal and is looking to expand with more locations throughout the country.


RareTea started to offer Licensing opportunity in 2019. RareTea is a well-known and popular boba tea brand in  NorCal with a massive Berkeley and Davis with over 70,000 loyalty reward members.


Truly Great Boba Tea

Utilizing the newest invention in the industry by using “TeaPresso” technology to ensure each beverage is standardized and served at its highest quality.


Tea leaves are individually packaged and grinded into ideal sizes to ensure quality consistency for each cup. TeaPresso machines are set at specific temperature and intervals during the tea brewing process to extract our desired taste which is unattainable with the traditional tea brewing process.


Pre-Brew: Adding steam and moisture to tea leaves prior to tea extraction to activate tea polyphenol.

Tea Extraction: Automatic pre-set time and intervals to achieve a perfect cup of tea with the ideal balance between taste and texture.